The Keepers of Arcana

Guardians of knowledge to some, holders of secrets for others. The Keepers of Arcana are one of the youngest guilds in existence, only coming to life a few years after the fall of the Forested Dunes. Originally, the Keepers of Arcana were formed by some of the finest mages in existence, whose purpose was to uncover the mysteries behind the Plaguepits and the rise of the Lich Lords.
However, after their research concluded with little discovered, the Keepers of Arcana didn’t separate. The dozen or so mages had grown fond of one another and continued to delve into the mysteries of the world. From the spells that sealed the Pillars, to the demons that inhabited the Fields of Ending, the Keepers dedicated themselves to uncovering everything.
The Keepers of Arcana are known to hoard the knowledge they gather to themselves and their most trusted allies. Even the Union of Guilds is told little, and they only tolerate the Keepers due to their incredible power on the battlefield as well as their willingness to divulge information about entering the Pillars. There are even rumors that the Keepers were those responsible for the breaking of the spells sealing the Pillars, and whilst these rumors are false, the Keepers have happily used them to further their reputation as brilliant mages and secret keepers…