Product offerings: MagicCraft Games

MagicCraft: The PvP MOBA

At the heart of our product offerings is MagicCraft, a player-versus-player (PvP) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that immerses players in a richly crafted, fictional universe. Here, players engage in strategic battles using a diverse roster of heroes, each with unique abilities and backstories, across various game modes:

• Escort: Teams escort a payload to a destination while opposing teams attempt to halt their progress.

• Skull Grab: A fast-paced mode where players collect skulls from fallen opponents to score points.

• Capture Point: Teams vie for control over strategic points on the map, requiring coordination and strategy.

• Death Match: A classic mode where players compete to achieve the highest number of kills within a time limit. Last Updated: 1st March 2024 Each game mode is designed to offer a unique challenge, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and collaborate with teammates to secure victory.

Magic Runner: The Casual Adventure

Complementing the intensity of MagicCraft is Magic Runner, a runner-style game that offers a more casual gaming experience. Players navigate through dynamic environments, completing daily tasks and milestones to earn chests filled with rewards. Magic Runner serves as an accessible entry point into the MagicCraft universe, providing a straightforward yet engaging way to participate in the play-toearn model.

Magic 8Ball: A Classic Reinvented

In addition to our expansive lineup, we're excited to introduce Magic 8Ball, a digital twist on the classic game of pool that's been seamlessly integrated into the MagicCraft universe. Ready to engage players with its intuitive gameplay and competitive edge, Magic 8Ball offers yet another avenue for play-to-earn opportunities within our ecosystem.

Expanding the Universe: Future Game Experiences

Looking ahead, we are committed to expanding the MagicCraft universe with a variety of gaming experiences:

• Real-Time Strategy (RTS): Players will command armies, manage resources, and conquer territories in strategic battles against other players or AI.

• Tower Defense: A strategic game mode where players design and fortify defenses to protect against waves of attacking enemies.

These additions, alongside other planned game experiences, reflect our dedication to offering a diverse range of play styles and challenges within the MagicCraft ecosystem. Our goal is to cater to a wide audience, from competitive gamers seeking deep, strategic gameplay to casual players looking for quick, fun escapes.

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