MagicCraft introduces the "Free-to-Earn" feature, allowing players to participate in hourly matches with a modest prize pool created within the Web3 Lobby. To join, players must simply ensure there are available seats in the match.

In these community matches, the prize pool is funded by the Treasury, and rewards are automatically distributed to the game balances of the winning team's participants.

To take part, follow these steps:

  • Connect to your account using a personal cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Access the game browser.

  • Review the list of available and pending matches.

  • Identify a community match with free access.

  • Select the desired match and choose "Join as a Player."

  • Proceed to the Web2 version of the game and await the game invitation.

  • Accept the invitation and prepare for the arena to launch.

  • Upon the conclusion of the battle, participants who were part of the victorious team will have their rewards in $MCRT tokens automatically credited to their game balance.

For seamless communication and the latest updates on community matches, tournaments, and other important project events, we highly recommend joining our official Discord or Telegram channels.

By actively participating in free-to-earn matches, players have the opportunity to accumulate rewards and enhance their gaming experience, fostering engagement and a sense of community within the MagicCraft ecosystem.

Note: A player as part of the winning team must score at least 150 points to be eligible for a reward.

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