NFT Utilities

All game characters in the MagicCraft game will be implemented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ensuring complete ownership for users over their virtual assets.

The integration of NFTs introduces a multitude of additional opportunities, many of which were previously inaccessible or challenging within the traditional gaming sector.

Earnings: NFT owners can enjoy a continuous stream of income by receiving a percentage of the prize pools generated from matches within the MagicCraft ecosystem.

Privileged Access: NFT owners gain exclusive access to matches or tournaments featuring higher prize funds, providing them with enhanced opportunities to compete for greater rewards.

Winnings Distribution: Owners of game characters are entitled to a share of the winnings earned by other participants who achieve victory through the use of these characters.

Character Binding: Participation in matches is restricted solely to the character owned in the form of an NFT, fostering a strong link between the virtual asset and the player's gameplay experience.

Marketplace Exchange: Participants within the MagicCraft ecosystem have the freedom to engage in seamless buying and selling of NFT characters and game items on the internal marketplace, conducting transactions directly through their cryptocurrency wallets without intermediaries.

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