Spectator mode


Within the MagicCraft ecosystem, members have the privilege of joining matches as spectators, enabling them to witness battles from the perspective of any direct participant. This immersive experience offers several advantages for users.

  1. Learning and Improvement: Spectator Mode provides an excellent learning opportunity for players who wish to enhance their skills. By observing battles from different perspectives, players can gain valuable insights, strategies, and techniques from skilled participants, thereby improving their own gameplay.

  2. Entertainment and Engagement: Spectator Mode offers an immersive and entertaining experience for users who enjoy watching competitive gameplay. It allows them to stay engaged with the MagicCraft community, follow their favorite players or teams, and enjoy thrilling battles without actively participating.

  3. Analysis and Strategy Development: Spectators can analyze the gameplay, tactics, and decision-making of skilled players, enabling them to develop their own strategies. This mode provides a unique perspective to study team dynamics, individual performances, and overall game strategies, which can be beneficial for competitive players.

  4. Community Interaction: Spectator Mode encourages community interaction and fosters a sense of camaraderie among MagicCraft players. Users can chat, discuss strategies, share insights, and connect with other spectators, creating a vibrant community around the game.

  5. Content Creation and Streaming: Spectator Mode opens up opportunities for content creators and streamers to produce engaging content for their audience. They can showcase exciting matches, provide commentary, and offer insights, attracting viewership and promoting the game to a wider audience.


Spectator mode is available in any of the types of matches – with entry tickets (prize pool) or with free access. At the same time, if a participant joins the match with entry tickets as a spectator, the amount of the entry ticket is not deducted from him.

To join the match as a spectator, follow these steps:

• Connect to your account via a personal cryptocurrency wallet.

• Go to the game browser.

• Check the list of available and pending matches.

• Select a suitable match from the list and then select "Join as a spectator".

• Go to the Web2 version of the game and wait for the invitation to the game.

• Accept the invitation and wait for the arena to launch.

• During the battle, the viewer can switch between the players of the team he is watching.

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