The App

MagicCraft is committed to bridging the gap between the traditional gaming sector and the world of blockchain. Our goal is to provide a seamless gaming experience for players who are yet to explore the blockchain space. We introduce the standard MagicCraft application, available for download from the Play Market.

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Furthermore, players can access the desktop version of the game directly from the official MagicCraft website. Our cross-platform solution enables players on mobile devices and computers to compete in battles together, fostering an inclusive gaming environment.

Player accounts are synchronized across all supported devices, ensuring a smooth transition between gameplay sessions. Whether playing on a smartphone or engaging in intense battles on a desktop, player progress and achievements seamlessly carry over.

The Web2 version of the game offers similar characters and mechanics to the Web3 version. However, in the traditional Web2 version, players do not initially have access to play-to-earn features. To unlock the potential for earning real rewards, players can connect their MagicCraft account to our innovative Web3 Lobby, expanding their gaming experience beyond mere entertainment.

Web3 Lobby is a platform that serves as the entry point to the Web3 version of the game, where players can fully immerse themselves in the exciting realm of blockchain gaming, discover the untapped possibilities of the blockchain space, connect with fellow players, and engage in thrilling battles that go beyond traditional gaming.

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