Technology Overview

The Essence of Our System

At its core, the MagicCraft Web3 Integration System is a revolutionary platform designed to bridge mobile gaming with the burgeoning world of Web3, facilitating a seamless play-to-earn experience. This cutting-edge system allows mobile games of any genre to integrate with a robust, browser-based Web3 ecosystem, enabling realtime, blockchain-based transactions and rewards for players.

Technical Foundation

The system is anchored on three primary technical pillars:

• API Integration: Central to our technology is a comprehensive set of APIs that allow mobile games to connect with the Web3 lobby. These APIs facilitate a two-way communication channel, transmitting player data and achievements to the Web3 system for reward assessment and distribution.

• Browser-Based Web3 Lobby: Serving as the gateway to MagicCraft’s gaming universe, our Web3 lobby is where players manage their digital identities, wallets, and access a network of integrated games. The lobby is built on robust web technologies, ensuring compatibility across devices and platforms without the need for app store approvals.

• Blockchain Infrastructure: Underpinning the reward system is a secure, transparent blockchain infrastructure that records transactions, holds MCRT tokens, and manages the issuance of NFTs. This backbone ensures that every achievement and transaction within the ecosystem is immutable and verifiable.

Reward Mechanism

At the heart of MagicCraft’s proposition is the innovative play-to-earn model, enabled by our Web3 Integration System: • Earning MCRT: Players earn MCRT, our native token, by achieving specific milestones, winning matches, or completing challenges within integrated mobile games. MCRT can be used within the ecosystem or traded on secondary markets, offering real-world value.

• Loot Boxes and NFT Rewards: Beyond MCRT, players have the chance to earn loot boxes containing a variety of rewards, from exclusive NFTs with ingame utility across our network of games to special access passes for community events. These NFTs can range from character skins to unique weapons, enriching the gaming experience and providing additional avenues for earning.

• Marketplace Dynamics: Our integrated marketplace further supports the playto-earn model by allowing players to buy, sell, or trade NFTs and other valuable items. This not only provides liquidity for earned assets but also introduces a new dimension to game strategy and player engagement.

Overcoming Distribution Platform Restrictions

A pivotal advantage of the MagicCraft Web3 Integration System is its ability to navigate the restrictions of traditional app stores on digital currency rewards. By localizing the play-to-earn mechanics to a browser-based Web3 lobby, we ensure compliance with platform policies while offering unrestricted earning potential to our players. This strategic approach aligns with our commitment to fostering an ethical, skill-based gaming environment free from gambling elements.

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