Referral System

The MagicCraft blockchain game proudly presents its player-driven referral program, designed to foster a robust and engaged community, while encouraging the growth of our game. The referral program is an excellent way for our players to earn more MCRT tokens and for MagicCraft to expand its user base through a system that rewards active community members who bring in new participants.

Benefits of the Referral Program

For the Game

  • Community Growth: The referral program promotes the organic growth of the MagicCraft community. When players invite their friends, colleagues, and fellow gamers, our user base expands, making MagicCraft more vibrant and lively.

  • Increased Engagement: With more players joining the game, engagement levels increase, leading to more intense and exciting battles and a richer gaming experience for all participants.

  • Token Circulation: The rewards from the referral program increase the circulation of MCRT tokens within the game, contributing to the overall token economy's vitality.

For the Players

  • Extra Earnings: Players who refer others will earn a 3% bonus from all winnings of their referrals. This is a great way to boost your in-game earnings and amass more MCRT tokens.

  • Immediate Bonus: The bonus is credited instantly to the player's internal game balance as soon as the referral wins a battle and receives their winnings. This ensures immediate gratification for your efforts.

  • No Deduction from Winnings: The 3% bonus is not deducted from the referral's winnings, instead, it is funded by the Treasury, ensuring your referrals retain their full prize amount.

  • Referral Statistics: Players participating in the referral program will be able to check their referral activity statistics on the dedicated page (

How to Join the Referral Program

Joining the MagicCraft referral program is easy and straightforward:

  • Visit the Referral Page: Navigate to

  • Get Your Unique Referral Link: Upon visiting the page, you will find your unique referral link. This is the link you will share with friends, colleagues, and social media followers to invite them to join the game.

  • Share the Link: Share the referral link with potential players. When they use this link to join MagicCraft, they become your referrals.

  • Earn Rewards: Once your referrals start winning battles in the game, you will receive a 3% bonus from their winnings. The bonus is instantly credited to your internal game balance in MCRT tokens.

  • Track Your Progress: You can monitor your referral activity statistics on the same page where you got your referral link. Keep track of how many referrals you have, their winnings, and your accrued bonuses.

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