Problem & Solution


Traditional video games have typically operated within a closed ecosystem, limiting players' ability to monetize their gaming skills or assets. Likewise, the cryptocurrency industry often faces challenges in attracting mainstream adoption due to the complex nature of blockchain technology and lack of accessible use cases. Bridging these two worlds has proven difficult, resulting in missed opportunities for both industries.


To empower users with the opportunity to earn real cryptocurrency while enjoying a high-level gaming experience, we have developed the Web3 Lobby. This innovative solution serves as the gateway for cryptocurrency users who understand the value of digital assets and want to leverage their gaming skills to earn $MCRT tokens.
By seamlessly integrating with the game, the Web3 Lobby enables players to participate in the play-to-earn model, unlocking the full potential of their gaming abilities in a lucrative and rewarding manner.
Through this decision, we aim to provide a unique and immersive gaming experience that bridges the gap between traditional gaming and the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, enticing new users to explore the opportunities presented by the blockchain industry.