Problem & Solution


In the present gaming landscape, each game operates with its unique in-game currency, creating a fragmented and inefficient system. Players are required to navigate through multiple currencies, engaging in repetitive, cumbersome processes to purchase or earn game-specific currency. This not only dilutes the gaming experience but also hampers the fluidity of value transfer within and across gaming ecosystems.

The MCRT Solution

MagicCraft proposes a transformative approach where a single currency, MCRT, serves as the universal medium of exchange, transcending individual game boundaries. This vision aims to:

• Simplify Transactions: Gamers need only acquire MCRT once, either from secondary markets or directly within any participating game's in-game store, to engage across our extensive network of games.

• Enhance Efficiency: By eliminating the need to manage multiple currencies for different games, we streamline the gaming experience, allowing players to focus on what truly matters - the joy of gaming.

• Foster a Unified Gaming Community: MCRT will bridge disparate gaming communities, fostering a more connected, inclusive global gaming ecosystem where value and achievements in one game can be seamlessly transferred to another.

To empower users with the opportunity to earn real cryptocurrency while enjoying a high-level gaming experience, we have developed the Web3 Lobby. This innovative solution serves as the gateway for cryptocurrency users who understand the value of digital assets and want to leverage their gaming skills to earn $MCRT tokens.

Competitive Advantage

MagicCraft stands at the forefront of the gaming revolution, blending traditional gaming experiences with the emerging potential of Web3 technologies. Our unique competitive advantages include:

• Universal In-Game Currency (MCRT): MagicCraft's pioneering use of MCRT as a universal currency across multiple games sets us apart, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in transactions and rewards.

• Diverse Gaming Ecosystem: From intense PvP battles in our MOBA to casual runs in Magic Runner and strategic plays in Magic 8Ball, MagicCraft caters to a wide array of gamer preferences, ensuring broad appeal and engagement.

• Seamless Web3 Integration: Our cutting-edge Web3 integration system not only facilitates play-to-earn mechanisms but also aligns with platform policies, overcoming traditional barriers to digital currency rewards in gaming.

• Robust Reward System: Beyond MCRT, our ecosystem offers NFTs with cross-game utility and community rewards, enhancing player investment in the MagicCraft universe.

• Community-Centric Development: By involving our community in game development decisions and future direction, we ensure that our ecosystem evolves in alignment with player desires and industry trends. Last Updated: 1st March 2024

• Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with gaming studios, esports organizations, and blockchain innovators extend our reach and influence within both the gaming and Web3 sectors.

• Sustainability Commitment: Our focus on blockchain sustainability and ethical gaming practices reflects our commitment to responsible innovation and positions us as a forward-thinking leader in the industry

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