NFT Marketplace

The MagicCraft ecosystem offers a robust marketplace where gamers can seamlessly trade in-game items, ranging from NFT characters to accessories and power-ups.

The marketplace supports two primary modes of transaction, allowing owners to sell their NFTs according to their preferred approach:

Fixed Price: Owners have the option to set a fixed price at which they intend to sell their NFT. This price remains unchanged until the owner decides to modify it.

Auction: Owners can initiate an auction by specifying a defined time interval, starting and ending prices, as well as a price increment or decrement within that time frame. Buyers can accept the offer at any point and purchase the lot at the prevailing price.

Payments on the marketplace can be conducted using either BNB or $MCRT, providing users with flexibility and choice in their preferred means of transaction.

To ensure secure and transparent settlements, smart contracts are utilized within personal cryptocurrency wallets, facilitating seamless interactions between buyers and sellers.

As a nominal fee for facilitating these transactions, the MagicCraft platform applies a seller's commission of 4.25% on the final transaction price. These funds are subsequently directed to the MagicCraft Treasury, fueling the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem.

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