$MCRT Rewards

Holders may choose a period of time for pledging ranging between 30 days and 5 years. Every period longer than 30 days unlocks an increase of the pledging bonus, ranging incrementally with the chosen length of the pledging period from 20% to 500%.

DurationBonus (% of generated APR)

30 days


90 days


180 days


1 year


3 years


5 years


Holders will receive their APR + this pledging bonus. The APR is dynamic and subject to change depending on the total number of pledged tokens, however you can also make a real time calculation using the calculator available on the pledging page.

The bonus is calculated from the number of tokens received as a reward.

For example, if 10,000 $MCRT were sent to our pledging pools and 4800 tokens were sent as APR rewards during this period - the 90% bonus would mean an additional 4320 $MCRT tokens will be credited at the end of the pledging period.

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