MagicCraft is a game - a PvP MOBA built on Blockchain - an ecosystem of games, and a fantasy universe with its own worldbuilding, characters, and storyline. The MagicCraft game is a player-versus-player online multiplayer experience that serves as a player’s initial introduction to the MagicCraft universe and its main characters. The MagicCraft ecosystem is a gateway to a world of Web3 games, each of which tell a different story about characters set in the MagicCraft universe.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the gaming space by enabling individuals to exercise true ownership of digital assets in the form of NFTs. MagicCraft was founded on the belief that the actual potential of Web3 gaming lies in combining good gameplay and design with the power of storytelling to produce unique and scarce in-game items and digital collectibles that players truly want to own. Whereas gameplay and design engage the player, it is only through storytelling that a deep connection can be produced between a player and the game they play, invoking the desire to own an NFT of a certain in-game item, such as a legendary character skin, epic weapon skin, or a rare lore item.

All MagicCraft games are play-to-earn. Players are offered the opportunity to earn MagicCraft’s utility token (MCRT) and NFTs of different rarities through their gameplay. The MCRT utility token powers all games in the MagicCraft ecosystem. In-game transactions for all MagicCraft games are payable in MCRT. MagicCraft NFTs have value across multiple games within our ecosystem, rather than their utility being restricted to a single game. Certain NFTs can be purchased through the MagicCraft marketplace, with more exclusive NFTs only available to the player through their gameplay.

Through leveraging blockchain technology to enable the ownership of in-game assets, MagicCraft intends to shape a new future for the gaming industry, one where meaningful digital collectibles can be owned by players, transacted with other players, and utilized across a network of Web3 play-to-earn games.

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