MagicCraft offers a diverse array of captivating characters, shared between the Web2 and Web3 versions of the game. While the Web2 version allows players to experience the thrill of battles, the Web3 version adds an exciting dimension of ownership and play-to-earn capabilities through the utilization of NFTs.

In the Web3 version, characters are meticulously crafted as NFTs, granting players 100% ownership of their in-game assets. This ownership empowers users to participate in battles using the play-to-earn model and even create their own matches through the Web3 Lobby, inviting other participants to join the fray.

Every character in the game wields a powerful magical weapon, tailored for either close-quarters combat or ranged warfare. Furthermore, each hero fulfills a specific role within the team, whether as a deadly assassin or a dedicated healer. Their attributes, such as movement speed, difficulty level, and combat properties, including weapon damage, resistance to attacks, and healing capabilities, further differentiate them from one another.

This wealth of character diversity allows players to carefully choose their avatar or strategically assemble a formidable team to engage in battles. By leveraging the unique properties and abilities of each hero, players can maximize their effectiveness in thwarting the enemy and achieving victory.

Currently, MagicCraft boasts an impressive lineup of 18 unique characters, each with their own distinct abilities and roles on the battlefield.

Three of these characters, Karas, True Shot, and Bjorn, are part of the exclusive Genesis NFT Collection, obtainable through mining on the official MagicCraft website.

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