Web3 Lobby

The Web3 Lobby is a powerful platform that revolutionizes the gaming experience. With the Web3 Lobby, players are empowered to take full control of their gaming journey.

The most powerful feature of the Web3 Lobby is its capability to enable players to create their own matches, establish the prize pool for each match, and receive rewards based on the battle's outcome. This groundbreaking functionality revolutionizes the gaming experience, granting players unprecedented control over their gameplay and potential earnings.

The distribution of tokens among players is seamlessly facilitated through the utilization of smart contracts. This automated process ensures a fair and transparent allocation of rewards, eliminating any potential biases or discrepancies.

Try it for yourself here: https://lobby.magiccraft.io/

Key Options

  • Join matches created by other players

  • Create your own match and invite other players

  • Transfer $MCRT tokens to the game balance from your cryptocurrency wallet

  • Withdraw $MCRT tokens from the game balance to your cryptocurrency wallet

  • Check the token balance

  • Check the transaction history of the $MCRTtoken on your game balance

  • Buy $MCRT tokens

  • Mint the gaming NFT

  • Join the NFT marketplace to sell or buy a game character or item.

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