Daily Tasks and Reward Chests

Daily Challenges for Diverse Rewards:

Magic Runner introduces an invigorating set of daily tasks tailored to player engagement. These tasks vary in difficulty, offering a spectrum of rewards to suit players of all skill levels. By completing these tasks, players earn chests with varying degrees of rarity and value.

Chest Types and Unlocking Mechanisms:

  • Novice Chest: Available for all players to open once daily at no cost, encouraging daily engagement.

  • Premium Chests: Including Masterful, Mythic, Eternal, and Legendary tiers, these chests necessitate gems for unlocking. Gems represent a versatile in-game currency, obtainable either through direct purchase or as rewards from previously unlocked chests.

  • Expiration Policy: To maintain a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience, all chests earned must be unlocked on the same day of acquisition; otherwise, they expire at day's end, adding a strategic element to resource management.

Rewards System:

The rewards from chests are meticulously balanced to reflect the difficulty of the associated daily tasks, ensuring fair and enticing incentives. Players can obtain both Gems and MCRT (MagicCraft Tokens), enhancing the game's play-to-earn aspect.

MCRT Withdrawal:

A significant aspect of the rewards system is the ability to withdraw MCRT to the player’s external wallet, available once the balance reaches 2000 MCRT. This feature not only incentivizes prolonged engagement but also integrates the game into the broader crypto ecosystem, offering real-world value for in-game achievements.

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