We’re a multi-disciplined team of highly skilled, passionate professionals from around the world. Individually, we bring something unique to the team so that collectively we can inspire and innovate due to our different backgrounds, be it in crypto, gaming, investment, marketing, blockchain development and much more. The game is being developed by top global gaming studios and the project is led by James Crypto Guru, an 18-year business veteran with a diverse background in enterprise and investing.

Our experience and expertise on these subjects enable us to create a seamless and engaging metaverse where people can play, interact with different communities, socialize, cooperate, battle, and also earn.

Aside from these experts, we also have influencers with 25 million followers across various social media platforms. This helps us to gain insights into the minds of the audience, what they like, find engaging and would love to be a part of. Thus, while designing this world, we also have the audiences perspectives in mind at every stage.

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