The Hunters

Stalkers, trackers, and travelers, the Hunters are masters of the land. Whilst they have not married themselves to it as the Betrothed have, you will nevertheless find them staunch protectors of the land they walk upon.
The Hunters were formed sometime after the First War. The fallout of the great conflict had left great swathes of land uninhabitable, and many safe passages had been blocked by debris or awful abominations spawned from conflict. The Hunters, wishing to protect innocents, became guides and wardens. They protected citizens on their travels, battling against bandits, thieves, and grotesque demons…
The Hunters rose to fame sometime after the fall of the Triumvirate. Whilst the other nations had attempted to contain the demon hordes which had destroyed the Triumvirate, the allure of the gold reserves left within was too much to resist. The Hunters were recruited by the Empire to secure the Last Gold of Dura’s Horde. The expedition began with three hundred and would end with seemingly all the Hunters dead…
In reality, the Hunters had claimed the gold for themselves, unwilling to give it to the cruel Empire. Not only did they succeed in securing the Last Gold of Dura’s Horde, but they even rescued a few hundred people still surviving within the Triumvirate. They used some of the gold to buy them new, safe homes, and used the remainder to upgrade their operations.
Since then, the Hunters have become the stuff of legend. They’re often recruited for some of the most difficult missions within the Ash Vales, and their theft of what the Empire deemed ‘their gold’ has them banned from all Empire territory… A ban that is often ignored.
Yet now, the Hunters are on a different mission. With the Pillars open, they seek to seize the powers within, in hopes of writing their names into the history books.