The Fallen

In the Old Days of the Ash Vales, when the Elders still roamed among mortals, there were those jealous of their power. Eager to acquire it for themselves, a band of warriors ambushed one of the Elders and struck them down, drinking their blood and infusing their souls with the strength of the divine. They would wage war upon the world, only stopped by an alliance of mortals and Elders…
Yet when their leaders were brought before the Elders, they were offered amnesty, in exchange for eternal loyalty to those whose power they had stolen. They agreed, and thus the Fallen were born. Mortals imbued with the power of Elders, they bore weapons too heavy for giants to grip. Their very bodies seemed to ignore harm dealt upon them. They were the ultimate soldiers, born for war and forged for loyalty.
In the present day, the Fallen continue their efforts. Those wishing to join their guild are welcome to do so. They must undergo a series of trials, testing their martial prowess against great beasts, and their mental resistances against demonic whispers, before sipping the blood of the Elder they slew millennia ago, which grants them their incredible powers. Furthermore, the Fallen retain their loyalty to the Elders.
They are determined to seize the Pillars in the name of the Elders, and declare bloody war against anyone who may oppose them.