The Betrothed

Former rivals of the Fallen, the Betrothed were the first to oppose them in the Old Days. Chosen by the Elders as some of their most loyal servants, they bound their souls to root and bark, tree and plant. They opened their bodies to the magic of nature and swore themselves to protect the natural order. In turn, nature granted them incredible power.
They aided the Elders in defeating those who would eventually become the Fallen. For their efforts, they were rewarded with stewardship over the Forested Dunes alongside the Elves. The majesty of this place, coupled with its deep connections to nature, only saw the power of the Betrothed grow over the centuries. They dedicated themselves to the protection of the natural order, opposing the violence of industry and the smoke of forges. Such was their power, many feared the Betrothed could one day even eclipse the Elders of old…
Yet such power oft brings with it jealous eyes, and twisted minds. A hundred years before the present day, a great plague spread across the Forested Dunes, stirring the hundreds of thousands of heroes who had been buried there. The undead had risen under Ul’kun, First Lich Lord of the Plague Pits. Whilst the Betrothed and the Elves both worked to defend the Forested Dunes, they could not stem the endless tide of the dead. Furthermore, the sickness spread through root and tree, killing nature and leaving the Betrothed severely weakened.
Now without their godlike powers, the Betrothed wed themselves to a new ally: the Union of Guilds. By pledging themselves to their service, the Betrothed earned the support of the powerful Union. Together, they slew Ul’kun and drove the armies back into the depths of the Forested Dunes, now known as the Plaguepits. Whilst the plague was contained by spells of the elves, the Forested Dunes were beyond saving. The Betrothed would forever be weakened, never to return to the height of their power…
However, the opening of the Seven Pillars brings with it an opportunity. Whilst the Betrothed have loyally served the Union of Guilds for the past century, they have longed to return to the heights of their power, and to restore the Forested Dunes to their former glory. With the Seven Pillars now open, the power within could help them accomplish that goal….