Free To Play

To give MagicCraft the best mass adoption potential, we need casual gamers to have easy access to enter the MagicCraft world.
Therefore, MagicCraft will always have a free-to-play model available.
Any casual gamer can immediately join battle with a free hero. They can enjoy battles and mini-quests in the same way that Play-To-Earn players can.
As battles are won, the gamer can then have the opportunity to understand how the game works, and the potential to earn as they play.
Offering small $MCRT rewards to crypto-naive gamers will gradually inspire them to join the crypto revolution, helping to demystify and encourage crypto gaming adoption on a mass level.
$MCRT is the native cryptocurrency of the game and will enable the player to buy, sell, trade, and interact with the game in numerous ways.
Players can either enhance their Free heroes by buying items such as weapons, skins, and other accessories, or buy stronger Premium heroes.
It is important to note that Free heroes cannot be sold in the marketplace, but NFT heroes can be.
Furthermore, the players can continue indulging in battles and quests to earn more $MCRT and develop Premium heroes.