Our vision is to create the world's most engaging blockchain game, which unites creators, players, digital asset owners, and streamers. With MagicCraft, we create an exciting game that will ensnare a brand new generation of followers, gradually mixing the complexity and rich world building from the best of MMORPG with the quick action of MOBA gaming.
In this way, our platform aims to disrupt the existing game creators like World of Warcraft and Mobile Legends, not only by providing creators true ownership of their creations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and rewarding their participation with its native utility token – $MCRT, but also by creating a metaverse experience for an entirely new gaming experience.
Those seeking fast action and short games with $MCRT rewards will be able to dip into the MagicCraft world at will. As we develop, the gamers looking for a more detailed immersive experience will also be rewarded by our more detailed Castle Siege gameplay.
What sets MagicCraft apart from our competitors is a low barrier to entry. Gamers do not have to hold crypto or NFTs to play MagicCraft, as we launch with a free to play option for all.
MagicCraft drives adoption of play to earn gaming through the strength of our product, as well as through an enhanced gaming experience for those who upgrade with NFT’s or $MCRT power-ups.
Gaming: The core of MagicCraft. We create engaging, fast paced battle action with multiplayer options, where friends, enemies and strangers can battle together in both free-to-play and play-to-earn models.
We begin with multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA) which include engaging mini-quests inside each landscape.
However, this is just the beginning. The whole MagicCraft gaming experience will be an ever evolving one, with rapidly developed elements of gameplay, characterization and story lines adding layers of detail to the MagicCraft universe.
Our users will be able to enjoy increasingly immersive gameplay as we build on our MOBA foundations into a much more richly detailed gaming landscape which will entrance both the gamers looking for a quick game, and those seeking a much longer term experience.
NFT Marketplace: Our NFT marketplace allows our gamers to mint or trade their NFT characters, both with set prices or by an auction mechanism, with future developments to allow accessorization, power-ups and purchase of other in-game assets.
Digital asset collectors can also purchase and hold MagicCraft NFTs as collectibles and trade with active players as our game grows in popularity.
Staking: The staking element of MagicCraft allows anyone holding $MCRT to earn rewards from locking their tokens inside our staking protocols. Those who believe in the long term sustainability of MagicCraft and play-to-earn gaming can support the project by staking, gaining interest on tokens locked from periods ranging from one month to five years.