Our mission is to merge the traditional gaming industry with the high-potential play-to-earn, blockchain gaming industry to create a market leading series of game titles, of which MagicCraft is just the first.
In doing so, we will bring more gamers into the crypto-gaming sector while developing and implementing brand new Web3 technologies that can be used throughout the GameFi Space. Our game universe will connect digital asset owners, streamers and a new generation of blockchain gamers in one sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem.
MagicCraft isn't just building a game, but a virtual world based on our gameplay, $MCRT utility token based economy, and NFT marketplace. This virtual world will not only provide exciting and immersive gaming, but multiple options to win, earn and stake winnings for more rewards.
Entrance to the MagicCraft world is incredibly simple.
Download the game, choose a battle room and play! Our goal is to make the gamers' first experience with MagicCraft as easy and seamless as possible. Our users will not need to first buy an NFT or download a wallet to begin with MagicCraft.
Once the user has become engrossed in the MagicCraft world, they then can have the opportunity to start playing for $MCRT rewards, or to enjoy more powerful characters through purchasing NFT characters directly in our marketplace.
In this way, MagicCraft will offer both free-to-play and play-to-earn options to suit both crypto-native and crypto-naive gamers.
The game will first launch on Android and iOS, before being expanded to a web version, PC versions, and in the future on consoles such as the PS5 and xBOX.