Magic Craft
Our mission is to create a game that works as a sustainable ecosystem for gaming, earning, and in-game exchange. The game can be a space to connect digital asset owners, gamers, and streamers, and each group can do the following:
Gaming: This involves raids, events, wars, levelling up, evolving champions, guilds, quests, etc.
Streaming: stream games directly on FB, YT, Twitch, etc., and getting paid for the same in crypto tokens.
Investing: involves building teams, sponsoring and equipping them, as well as making them stronger to earn tokens in return. The stronger the team, the higher the number of tokens one can earn.
The game will first launch on the Web and then be added for Mobile users. Later on, our goal is to release it on more platforms such as Consoles (PS5-Xbox) and PC.
Last modified 4mo ago
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