The NightBinders

To wear a shadow is to adapt to it. To break its will and force it into your service is to wield the night itself. Nightbinders are among the strongest beings in existence, and a veritable fear to common folk and rulers alike. The Nightbinders themselves are not a guild you can join, but instead, one you are born into. The Nightbinders descend from an ancient bloodline that extends back to a coupling between a human and an Elder, which grants them their incredible abilities.
Trained from birth to serve Lunus, God of the Night, Nightbinders wield the power of shadow. Their simplest techniques allow them to blend into it, granting them unparalleled abilities of stealth. Even the weakest Nightbinders can prove to be brutal assassins. Yet advancing in their training grants them further abilities, from eclipsing cities in darkness to melding into one shadow and emerging from another…
Despite their solitary nature, the Nightbinders have recently joined the Union of Guilds. They’ve enjoyed a friendly nature with the other guilds, offering their services whenever needed. However, whilst their aid is welcome, few trust them… which is undoubtedly for the best.
The Nightbringers have not joined the Union of Guilds to make friends, but instead to seize the Pillars for themselves. The bounty within will prove the ultimate tribute to Lunus, and they will satisfy the God of the Night through magic… or through blood.