Game & Gameplay

In our initial version, gameplay is based around a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gaming. This forms the fighting pits of the first part of our game story.
Starting with these battle arenas, MagicCraft will progress and diversify our gameplay into vast, massively multiplayer tournaments, battle quests as well as immersive guild wars to name just a few.
Any MagicCraft player can simply download the game, choose a character and start the battle action. Where they choose to go from here is up to each individual user.

Basic Gameplay Mechanics

Once the gamers have downloaded the game, they simply pick a room and join a battle. We currently have several different battle arenas, each with a slightly different layout, goal and embedded mini quest.
Players can choose the following options:
Invite another player for a 1 vs 1 battle Invite up to 40 other players for multiplayer team battles Join an existing battle room set up by another player for team battles
In joining a battle room, the gamers are placed in two opposing teams.
Each battle game is five minutes long. During these five minutes, the players must battle to kill the opposition as many times as possible, while at the same time working to complete or win the mini-quest theme of the room.
If a player is killed in battle, they have to take a ten second time-out before they can respawn. On respawning, the player’s character is then moved back to the starting point of the battle game and must re-enter the fight from there.
Each player receives points for kills, assists and completion of the in-arena min-quests. The player with the most points on the winning team at the end of the game will be celebrated as the MVP or most valuable player, and win a prize in $MCRT.

Mini Quests

MagicCraft’s game currently has three types of mini-quest inside each battle arena. These are as following:

Skull Grab

Here, the player will see purple skulls dotted around the arena. The goal is to collect as many of them as possible, and the amount you collect by the end of the five minute game will count towards your overall score.
But be warned! If you are slain in battle, you will drop all your skulls and the gamer reacting fastest will steal them from you!

Capture the Points

There are three control points on the arena. They are marked as A, B and C.
Players need to capture these control points and hold them as long as they can, defending against enemy attacks. Each successful capture increases the player’s score during the five minute game session.

Escort the Golem

Here you will find the Golem ball in the middle of the battle arena at the start of each game session. The goal is to push this ball to the final point inside the opposing team's zone.
The ball is pushed by entering inside its sphere and moving along with it. However, the opposition will try and kill you to take charge and push it to your zone.
Either enter the sphere to push it, or protect your teammates while they push for the final victory!