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Some avenues for earning for a gamer are as follows
In the last couple of years, Play-To-Earn model has earned a great amount of traction from two major kinds of audiences: gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.
One of the benefits of play-to-earn model is that it makes possible for players to earn money while doing what they love, i.e. play games. This can be through battles, daily challenges, weekly wars, tournaments, special events hosted by the system and more. The better you perform, the more you earn.
This is a significant development in the world of blockchain and gaming since it supports the gamers who spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money in the game.
Magic Craft is this virtual world that follows the play-to-earn model, promising its players a chance to earn money by performing in the game.
Play-To-Earn model has numerous ways in which they can earn money. All interactions with the game will be through the native $MCRT which can also be exchanged for US Dollars.

Earn flow chart

In-Game Activities

Battles let players go against each other in order to earn rewards in the form of $MCRT. The more battles you win, the more $MCRT you earn in your wallet.
Quests will enable players to complete daily tasks assigned to them and if they complete all of them, players get rewarded with $MCRT
Clan Wars/Castle Wars are a weekly challenge. In this all players across the globe participate, form individual clans and face-off against each other to win ownership of the castles. This also comes with rankings on the leaderboards and the higher the rank, the better the reward multiplier.

Other Activities

Streaming features will let players broadcast their games to the community and other people from the community will be able to share rewards in the form of $MCRT on their own accord.
NFT enthusiasts may view all in-game collectibles as NFTs and trade them for money. In fact, they can even buy premium heroes, rent them to other players for some $MCRT, and let the value of heroes increase as they win more battles.
Staking will let blockchain enthusiasts to stake for heroes and earn rewards in the form of $MCRT
Predicting match outcomes will let users to use $MCRT as the platform currency for predicting outcomes of games in the streaming system.
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Earn flow chart
In-Game Activities
Other Activities