Magic Craft
Staking is the next part of this metaverse which engages the developers and blockchain enthusiasts interested in the back-end part of the metaverse.
We built innovative staking model which helps users to be more involved into Magic Craft ecosystem. In order to stake their tokens, users can receive not only extra $MCRT, but also NFTs as a reward. These NFTs will have a in-game utility and are loaded with unique abilities and benefits that provide their owners with a decisive edge in the game.
Separately, $MCRT functions as a governance token, holders of $MCRT may stake their tokens to participate in the development of the blockchain game, voting on features and thus have direct influence on the way the project is heading.

$MCRT Rewards

Users may choose a period of time they want their tokens to be staked. It ranges from 30 days to 5 years.
Each period, (apart from the 30 days one), unlocks an increase of a staking bonus. This bonus ranges from 20 to 500 percent. The longer the staking period, the higher the bonus amount.
30 days​
​90 days
180 days
​1 year
3 years
5 years
Users can claim their rewards & withdraw staked tokens at the end of staking period.
Bonus percentage is subject to change to incentivize holders staking for longer durations and to balance reward ratio.

NFT Rewards

Users may choose a period of time they want their tokens to be staked. It ranges from 180 days to 5 years.
Each period inclused a certain type of in-game NFT as a reward and the minimum of $MCRT tokens to be staked. They are as follows:
MCRT Required
​180 days
​80 000
1 year
160 000
3 years
1 600 000
5 years
Land x 2
2 500 000
Users accumulate NFT points during their staking period. These points can be changed for actual NFTs after the staking period is over. NFT points are 1:1 matched with NFT that we’re going to launch.
NFTs available as staking rewards are part of Genesis Collection, the amount is limited.


APY = rewardRate * 365 * 24 * 3600 / totalTokensStaked * 100%
rewardRate is the number that shows how many rewards are generated by second. totalTokensStaked is tokens staked for $MCRT reward options only. It doesn’t include $MCRT tokens for NFT point rewards.
TVL = totalTokensStaked + pTotalTokensStaked pTotalTokensStaked is $MCRT tokens staked for NFT point rewards
The bonus is calculated from the number of tokens received as a reward. For example, if the 1-year period implies a 90% bonus, 10,000 $MCRT tokens were sent to staking and 4800 tokens were rewarded during this period, then the 90% bonus means that an additional 4320 $MCRT tokens will be credited at the end of the staking period.
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