Magic Craft
NFT Marketplace
The NFT marketplace is the second part of the MagicCraft Metaverse. While the virtual world is inclined towards gamers, the NFT Marketplace is inclined towards digital asset owners, crypto enthusiasts, blockchain developers, and communities.
However, it’s not limited to them alone, as gamers from the virtual world are also encouraged to interact with the NFT marketplace.


There will be broadly two kinds of users in the NFT marketplace:
  • Gamers
  • Digital asset owners


Gamers or players can interact with the marketplace to buy or sell items, premium heroes, and more. The premium heroes’ value will depend on the enhancements, and the battles, quests, and tournaments won. Furthermore, it might also depend on the players’ rank on the leaderboards.
The items include weapons, clothing, skins, armor, pets, etc. But beyond these, there are also virtual lands and castles available on the market. Players who own these or want to own these can buy or sell them as NFTs.
The currency used in the marketplace will be $MCRT. Hence all the $MCRT earned while playing games can be put to use to buy these NFTs.
Players can also exchange these NFTs directly. However, they should ensure the values are similar and the NFT is precisely what they want.

Digital asset owners

Digital asset owners are essentially cryptocurrency or NFT enthusiasts who want to collect and utilise in-game assets mentioned above.
Digital asset owners can buy the digital assets mentioned above and treat them as collectibles. These assets can be sold to players who are in need in exchange for $MCRT
Furthermore, if asset owners back certain players, they can leverage them in more than one way. They can either sell these heroes or rent them to players in exchange for $MCRT. When the players use these heroes to battle it out and win those battles, the value of heroes increases
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