Magic Craft
Gaming Virtual World
The MagicCraft gameplay is diverse and vast, with numerous facets such as battles, quests, guild wars, tournaments, etc. Both players and digital asset owners can participate in this virtual world.

User Journey Map

Players can enter this world in two ways:
  • Free-to-play
  • Buy $MCRT with USD
New users and players will need to create an account before entering the virtual world. Once they do so, they’ll be provided with two options. Free heroes, and Epic/Premium heroes.


If a user is a gaming enthusiast, they can choose this option. will provide the user with free heroes with varying powers, abilities, and levels.
Once the player gets their hands on free heroes, they can indulge in quests and battles. As each quest is complete and battles are won, the player will earn $MCRT. $MCRT is the native cryptocurrency of the game and will enable the player to buy, sell, trade, and interact with the game in numerous ways.
For example, after earning enough $MCRT, the player can either enhance their Free heroes or buy Epic/Premium heroes. They can also decide to enhance any hero by buying items such as weapons, skins, and other accessories. It is important to note that Free heroes cannot be sold in the marketplace, but Premium heroes can be. Hence it is recommended to initially buy Premium heroes and then enhance them. Furthermore, the players can continue indulging in battles and quests to earn more $MCRT and develop Premium heroes.
Besides these, the player can also indulge in guild wars, tournaments, and occasional special events hosted by the system. These are another opportunity for players to earn $MCRT.
The more players play the game and earn $MCRT, the higher their leaderboard rankings. These leaderboard rankings are leveraged in two ways:
  • The higher the ranking (performance based), the higher will the volume of $MCRT rewards.
  • The higher the ranking (performance based), the better the chances of earning higher items from our lootboxes.
There are two types of boxes - heroes and items. Each box has a random item or hero, and a player can buy this box for $MCRT. Hence if a player ranks higher, the box will contain a higher rarity of item or hero.
Alternatively, anyone can also buy specific items or premium heroes from the NFT marketplace, which will be covered in the second part.
Another avenue for players to earn is via streaming to the MagicCraft Community. Streaming will enable one to garner attention and seek support and receive rewards from the community in the form of $MCRT.

Buy $MCRT with USD

If the player wants to skip the stage of getting Free heroes, battling it out, and receiving $MCRT to buy Premium heroes, there’s an alternative for them.
The player can use US Dollars to buy $MCRT. With this $MCRT, the player can buy Premium heroes and go through the above journey to indulge in battles, quests, tournaments, to earn $MCRT, level up the heroes, climb up the leaderboard, and receive rewards.
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