Magic Craft
Long ago, when the world was young, the Greater Being crafted the Ash Vales. He christened it a land for mortals, and tasked the Lesser Gods with carrying out His work. Yet when the Greater Being departed to oversee other worlds, discordance rose among the Lesser Gods. Two factions formed: the Elders, who believed mortals should be allowed to live as they see fit, and the Ancient Gods, beings from a crueler time who wanted subservience from the mortals.
In the end, words would not resolve this conflict. The two sides came to blows, with the Ancient Gods threatening to undo the Greater Being’s work. However, the Elders would triumph in this war, casting down the Ancient Gods. Those who survived retreated to the dark corners of the universe to regain strength. Fearing that the Ancient Gods would one day return, the Elders constructed seven citadels, dubbed Pillars. These citadels were crafted from the bones of the fallen Ancient Gods, imbued with their own power, and thus resistant to the other Ancient Gods. The Elders hoped that, should their old enemies ever return, the Pillars would protect the mortals from harm… regardless of what happened to them.
But now, it is a perilous time for the Ash Vales...
The Seven Pillars, citadels constructed by the divine Elders hundreds of years ago, have opened once more. The magical protections that kept them sealed have failed. They have now been seized by varying factions, eager to claim the rich resource within: Magicus.
Magicus is an ancient resource. Its primary use is to forge powerful weapons and armor, as the material itself can enchant metal ingots. However, there is also a second use. Mortals can absorb Magicus into their souls. It can either be used to slowly strengthen one’s powers over time or unleashed all at once in a terrifying display of power, allowing the user to cast spells far beyond their normal abilities. And of course, the more Magicus you unleash, the greater the spell. In large enough quantities, Magicus can even form new life.
The Pillars are the only places within the Ash Vales that naturally generate this resource. It's dangerous and chaotic, and absolutely deadly in the wrong hands.
The lands of the Ash Vales have undergone catastrophic changes since the Lesser Gods abandoned them or were destroyed in battles. Once beautiful and flourishing territories have turned into an oppressive landscape dotted with huge holes, into a hellish landscape of soot and ashes with poisoned nature, into dangerous Dark Forests filled with cruel creatures, poor lands suffering from bandit raids and demon attacks, enclaves of outcasts and wanted people.
Smaller groups and factions have formed that fight for their interests, for the return of peace times, for the protection of mortals, or simply for survival. Everyone dreams of capturing the Pillars and using the magical power stored by their impregnable walls.
The Union of Guilds, a collection of the mightiest guilds across the Ash Vales, are the only ones who can field the power to oppose the seven factions. Unwilling to allow Magicus to be concentrated in the hands of the few and powerful, the Union of Guilds have invoked the Old Law: “Let any who lay claim to these treasures barter in steel and pay in blood.” A Casus Belli for their declaration of war.
Five major Guilds have answered the call – the Fallen, the Hunters, the Keepers of Arcana, the Betrothed, and finally the Nightbinders. Wanting to regain their former strength, resurrect their fallen god, revive the nature of their lands or get secret knowledge, they are ready to fight. And here a new era of wars begins.
What about you? Are you Cinder of the Fallen, addicted to power and willing to cast everything and anything aside to fill the void within? Are you Mecrain, a smith transformed into a monstrous human/dragon hybrid, now seeking a means to remove your curse? Are you Sir Templus, a knight holding eternal loyalty to the Empire and its Empress? Or are you another one of the twelve heroes who now greedily seek the Pillars for their own purposes?
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