Magic Craft
Health: HIGH Damage: MEDIUM Difficulty: EASY
Warriors are melee fighters highly trained in the arts of weaponry. These mighty warriors are strong and quick on the battlefield, depend on their heavy plate armor, shields, and battle prowess to defend themselves and ensure enemies don’t focus on their softer-skinned allies.
Weapon mastery is a base of warrior training, and they are capable of wielding and delivering massive damage with enormous two-handed weapons. Moreover, as warriors inflict damage, their rage grows, allowing them to deliver crushing attacks in the heat of a battle.
Warriors are usually leading the charge of the battle, spreading across the battlefield and using furious shouts and terrifying banners to rally their allies and intimidate their enemies. Whether striking down opponents with mighty two-handed weapons, tearing into packs of enemies in a whirlwind of steel, or standing firm in the face of death itself, warriors excel at a battle with a range of powerful attacks and battlefield maneuvers as masters of both skillful strikes and devastating blows.
  • Massive corrupted warrior
  • Shield
  • Excalibur
  • Dwarf
  • Giant
  • <More coming soon>
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